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Trends in E-Data: What to Look for When Employees Leave

Length: 1 hour 31 minutes

In this seminar, you will learn the most effective policies, procedures and strategies employers can pursue to prevent employees from doing harm as they leave, as well as to gather evidence in the wake of their departure.

Panelists will discuss what employers can do when employees are suspected of stealing confidential information or otherwise abusing network privileges on their way out the door. Advanced digital forensics and e-data surveillance techniques can help employers gain valuable evidence but, courts have scrutinized such techniques, and regulators, including Congress and the NLRB, have enacted limitations on an employer's ability to intercept or review the e-mail, web mail and social media communications of such employees.

Program Co-Instructors: Eric Friedberg, Co-President, Stroz Friedberg & Scott Brown, General Counsel, Stroz Friedberg

CLE credit: NY: 1.5 professional practice.

NJ: 1.8 general MCLE.

CA & PA: 1.5 general MCLE.

Original Recording Date: 12/13/2013

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New York City Bar Association

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