Individual Viewer

Limited Appearance & Unbundling

Length: 1 hour

This community Forum features a panel of local judges and lawyers discussing common cases in the four divisions; Civil, Family Criminal and Probate.  Civil cases include Landlord/tenant, credit card collections and foreclosure cases, Family cases include divorce, parentage, and child support.  Criminal include civil suspension and DUI, and estates, guardianship and adoptions will be discussed in Probate.  Examples of limited representation and “unbundled” representation will be given with the public given the opportunity for questions. 

Speaker Information:

            Hon. Mary Miles Teachout, Esq.

            Hon. Cortland T. Corsones, Esq.

            Kevin P. Candon, Esq.

            Therese M. Corsones, Esq.

            Mary C. Ashcroft, Esq.

CLE Credits (60): 1.0 Total hours

Produced By:

Vermont Bar Association

Course Materials

  • Limited Appearance & Unbundling