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2011 Real Estate Law Day

Length: 6 hours

Introduction: The Real Estate Impact of the Flood of 2011

The opening session will describe the unique circumstances created by the August floods as they relate to real estate issues. A brief report on the work of the Task Force created by the Vermont Legislature to examine legal issues arising from the floods will also be presented. Panelists: Kevin Ryan, Esq.; Dan Richardson, Esq.; James Knapp, Esq.


Learning Objectives


Course #1: What Happened to My House, My Backyard, and My Business?

The Flood and the Law


1.  To instruct on the basic principles of how property, affected by flooding,

is either preserved or lost according to property law.

2.  To gain the tools necessary to guide clients in the initial stages after the flood to either re-assert their boundary rights or to re-draw their property lines accordingly.  

Course #2: What’s Next: Selling or Financing Property affected by the flood.  

1.  To discuss permitting issues landowners affected by flooding are likely to face and strategies to repair or improve their situation.

2.  To instruct what potential zoning impacts may attach to property affected

or covered by flood waters.

3.  To teach some of the potential environmental liabilities that may attach to property where chemicals and waster products were deposited.

4.  To establish a basic checklist of issues to address with every homeowner affected by the flood, who seeks to restore marketable title.

5.  To impart the legal information each affected homeowner will or will not need to disclose to lenders during re-financing or sale.


Course #3: After the Flood: What latent Issues Lurk Downstream for



1.  To lay out the potential home improvement issues that may be tied to the


2.  To discuss development limitations that may follow in the wake of

flooding for affected properties.

3.  To instruct on long-term house and property issues that may not have immediately arisen, but are likely to crop up over the next five years.

4.  To establish a list of a basic issues that may be tied to the current flooding issues 

5.  Providing attendees with the skills to identify potential problems and their connection to a prior year’s flooding.


Course # 4: Property Year in Review/Preventing Scams and Cons Affecting Purchase and Sales Agreements and Law Offices.


1.  To review and update attendees on recent changes over the previous 12 months to property and real estate law by the Vermont Supreme Court.

2.  To discuss basic forms of scams and frauds.

3.  To give attendees a basic sense of how to identify an internet scam.

4.  To warn attendees about recent scams involving purchase and sale agreements and closing funds.

Speaker Information:

            Daniel P. Richardson, Esq.

            James E. Knapp, Esq.

            Kevin F. Ryan, Esq.

            Paul S. Gillies, Esq.

            Christopher D’Elia, Esq.

            Brian Monahan, Esq.

            Austin R. Gray, Esq.

            Thomas F. Heilmann, Esq.

            Anne F. Whiteley, Esq.

CLE Credits (60): Total hours 6.0

Produced By:

Vermont Bar Association

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