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Immigration Remedies Available Now: Are You Prepared?

This CLE will provide a practical introduction to the anticipated passage of the new comprehensive immigration reform bill. Through a series of panels of experienced immigration practitioners, the CLE will highlight the bill’s major changes to the current immigration system, and then provide in-depth analysis of several of the bill’s key components, including Registered Provisional Immigrant status, new visa options, heightened worksite enforcement, and changes to the family-based immigration categories. More

Original Recording Date: 10/29/2013
Skills (60): 3.0

  • $177.00

Limited Appearance & Unbundling

This community Forum features a panel of local judges and lawyers discussing common cases in the four divisions; Civil, Family Criminal and Probate More

CLE Credits (60): 1.0 Total hours

  • $35.00

New Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act

Adoption of this act will have important effects on your family law practice. Join in this seminar to examine those effects and how they will change what you do. More

CLE Credits (60): 2.0 Total hours

  • $70.00

Online Evidence for Matrimonial Attorneys: Ensuring What You See is What You Get

This program covers three main topics: (1) the ease with which emails can be faked and how to validate emails used as evidence, (2) preserving web pages, and (3) minimizing costs and eliminating obstacles when subpoenaing an internet company. This seminar includes invaluable resources such as judicial orders, legal articles, statutes and case law, and sample documents for use in practice.Co-Instructors: PETER J. More

Original Recording Date: 3/12/2013
Skills (60): 1.5

  • $88.50