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Construction Contracts 201: Contracting for the Complex Construction Project- A Roadmap to the Key Clauses You Need to Know

Building off the successful Construction Contract 101 series, this advanced program will provide participants, through the use of a series of case studies, simulations and discussions, with an in-depth roadmap to the 10 key clauses that every design and construction practitioner should understand and know when drafting and documenting a complex construction project. More

Original Recording Date: 4/21/2015

  • $236.00

If I Were a Virtually Rich Man: How the Bitcoin Revolution Will Affect the Banking and Commercial Payments World

Whether on-line currencies such as Bitcoin turn out to be the subject of intense regulationor simply a new and more efficient way of accommodating payments, this phenomenon is not going to go away. As a column in Forbes magazine recently noted, it remains to be seen what happens with Bitcoin, but retailers, especially those who make their money in the on-line world, are taking notice. More

Original Recording Date: 4/28/2015

  • $118.00

Law Review CLE: Nuts & Bolts of Commercial Collection Law

This CLE class will cover the procedures for legally collecting a winning judgment against a bad debt. Additionally, the class will discuss recovery actions and compliance with governing collection guidelines. By attending this class attorneys will be better equipped to maximize their chances to recover. Key Topics:• Finding Debtors and Their Assets• Obtaining a Judgment• Collecting a Judgment• What are the creditor's rights when a debtor files for bankruptcyFaculty: MATTHEW BROWNDORF, Firm Managing Partner, BP Law Group LLP & RUDYARD W. More

Original Recording Date: 6/19/2013
Skills (60): 3.5

  • $206.50

Mortgage Notes & the Future of Home Finance

The financial crisis has put a tremendous amount of stress on the legal infrastucture for residential mortgages and securitization, and has raised a number of technical and political questions about the adequacy of the current establishment and the potential need for reform. More

Original Recording Date: 4/23/2014

  • $177.00